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How can I manage my fleet of FarmRoad Sensors and Gateways?

Maintaining a healthy sensor network is critical to having the reliable data you need for decision making

FarmRoad supports customers with large numbers of sensors and gateways by providing alerts when sensors and gateways go offline, in addition to showing the current online status at-a-glance on the manage sensor screen.

How can I tell when my devices are actively reporting to FarmRoad?

To see which sensors are online or offline is simple. From anywhere within FarmRoad, you can click on the Manage sensors icon in the navigation menu.

This takes you to the Manage sensors page, where you can choose to view either the list of Sensors or Gateways within your organisation. 

On the left side of the sensor/gateway table you will see a coloured icon indicating connectivity status:

The green sensor icon indicates an online sensor
The red sensor icon indicates an offline sensor

On the right-side, for any online climate sensors you will see icons indicating the sensor's battery level and signal strength:

Battery Status   Description   Signal Status   Description
  Full charge.     Strong signal.
  Moderate charge, no action required.     Moderate signal. Some potential for data loss.
  Low charge. The battery should be replaced as soon as possible.     Low signal. High probability of data loss. Consider relocating the sensor or gateway, or purchasing range extenders.



To switch between viewing Sensors and Gateways, simply click on the switcher above the table:

Get alerted whenever a sensor or gateway goes offline

FarmRoad's offline sensor alerts can notify you whenever a sensor or gateway goes offline. These alerts work by sending you and your team a message via email, SMS text message or WhatsApp when FarmRoad has failed to hear from a device for at least 30 minutes.

You can learn more about these alerts here:

How does the Sensor offline alert work?

How does the Gateway offline alert work?