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Connect the Gateway to WiFi

How do I set up WiFi connection on my Gateway?

The gateway can be connected to the internet in two ways.

Via an Ethernet cable plugged in to your router/internet access point (recommended) or by WiFi connection.

Please note: WiFi connections are affected by structural barriers like walls or buildings and are generally less stable. By using WiFi you may experience an intermittent connection.

Connecting your gateway via WiFi

WiFi connection steps:

  1. Connect the gateway to your local network via ethernet. Please see the red section below.
  2. Make a note of the gateway’s 7 digit serial number shown on the sticker on the box lid.
  3. On your PC or mobile device open a new browser window and
  4. Type the following into the address bar: http://[gatewayserialno].local:3333
    e.g. http://qcil1234567.local:3333
  5. The gateway configuration page (shown opposite) is displayed.
  6. Enter your WiFi SSID and your Password and press “Connect”
  7. The text “Wifi Status: Disconnected” should change to “Wifi Status: Connected”. You can now disconnect the ethernet cable and move the Gateway to any place where there is WiFi signal.

To setup WiFi your Gateway needs to be initially connected to your network via ethernet. Make sure you complete the Connection via Ethernet / Lan Cable steps below first.

  1. Feed the supplied Ethernet/LAN cable through the click gland hole and into your gateway. Plug the other end into your router or internet access point.

  2. Your gateway is ready to connect to your network. You can check activity by the lights next to the ethernet connector blinking.