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How do I set up my Folium?

Folium uses the online data platform FarmRoad to visualize and log your data.



You will need a FarmRoad account before you can set up your Folium. You should have received an email from us and confirmation with your log in details. You will need to confirm your account via email. If you have not received anything please contact your Account Manager or WayBeyond support. 

Connecting the Gateway to the FarmRoad Platform.
Folium sends your data to the FarmRoad platform via a ‘gateway’ (supplied). The gateway is housed in weatherproof plastic box (also supplied).
The gateway can be connected to the internet in two ways.
Via an Ethernet cable plugged in to your router/internet access point (recommended) or by WiFi connection. Please note: WiFi connections are affected by structural barriers like walls or buildings and are generally less stable. By using WiFi you may experience an intermittent connection.
Connection via Ethernet / LAN cable.
Connecting your Gateway.
1. Remove screws from box lid to access the gateway.
2. Feed the power cord through the click gland hole and plug into the gateway to power it on
3. Next, feed the supplied Ethernet/LAN cable through the click gland hole and into your gateway. Plug the other end into your router or internet access point.
4. Screw the antenna on to the brass thread on the exterior of the weatherproof box. Replace the lid.
5. Your gateway is ready to connect to the FarmRoad platform and will do so automatically. You can check activity by the lights next to the ethernet connector blinking.
Using WiFi.
To setup WiFi your Gateway needs to be initially connected to your network. Make sure you complete the Connection via Ethernet / Lan Cable steps above first.
The gateway is able to connect to your WiFi network.
1. Make a note of the gateway’s 7 digit serial number shown on the sticker on the box lid.
2. On your PC or mobile device open a new browser window and
3. Type the following into the address bar: http://[gatewayserialno].local:3333
e.g. http://qcil1234567.local:3333
4. The gateway configuration page (shown opposite) is displayed.
5. Enter your WiFi SSID and your Password and press “Connect”
6. The text “Wifi Status: Disconnected” should change to “Wifi Status: Connected”. You can now disconnect the ethernet cable and move the Gateway to any place where there is WiFi signal.
Installing Folium in your growing environment.
Folium sensors are powered by 2 x C cell batteries.
Before powering, installing and setting up your Folium sensor, please ensure you have:
1. A FarmRoad account.
2. Connected a Folium gateway device to the internet.
3. Onboarded your Folium Device to the FarmRoad platform.
Installing your sensors
1. Screw the antenna into each Folium.
2. Insert the batteries into the battery enclosure and close the lid. These will power the sensor.
3. Note down the Serial number of each Folium and the planned specific location of each sensor, this will be required for the setup on your Farmroad account. See Farm Management.
We recommend you test your units in your office to double check everything is working as expected before moving them to your growing environment.
To give the best measurements of conditions in your growing area follow these general recommendations:
1. Hang your Folium devices above the crop canopy level in line-of-sight with the Gateway.
2. Evenly distribute your Folium sensors through your growing area. Ensure the sensors are within range of your Gateway device (you will be able to check this when you log in to FarmRoad. You may need to adjust placement at that stage).
3. Do not place them at the perimeter or near walls.
4. Do not place in aisles, as the airflow will not represent typical conditions.
5. Suspend them slightly above the crop canopy immediately adjacent to the plants.
6. Do not cover the top of the sensor: this will cause inaccurate light measurements.
7. Level the sensor. The wires attached to the top should suspend the sensor as close to level as reasonable.
8. Press the power button on the bottom of the Folium.
9. The sensor will flash green for 3 seconds, indicating it’s powered and starting the self-test. The lights will then display solid green for approximately 30 seconds indicating the sensor is in optimal condition.