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How to calibrate the Folium CO2 sensor


Folium CO2 calibration steps.

Step Calibration Notes
1 Take the Folium sensor(s) outside and wat 5 minutes for the sensor(s) to stabilise. Note: The time is to allow for the sensor to start accurately reading it's new environment. Avoid breathing towards the unit for these steps as the additional CO2 contained in exhaled human breath can cause the calibration to be incorrect.
2 Press and hold the Power Button on the bottom of the Folium Sensor for approx. 30 seconds until the unit lights up Orange. Note: If the button is only pressed or is released early the unit will flash green and the user will have to wait until the flashing stops to restart the calibration.
3 When the Orange flashing finishes with a Green flash the calibration is complete. Note: the calibration technique assumes atmospheric CO2 is 400ppm and that the sensors CO2 sensor is reading atmospheric conditions.
4 Repeat calibration every 6 months.  


Please note: If you accidently release the power button during the calibration period, the lights will light up green. Please wait for this to stop and then try again.